The Ritcey Team: David Ritcey, Portfolio Manager

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Our mission is to provide trusted financial advice to help ensure peace of mind and financial security so you can focus on the more important things in life.

For those clients who may not wish to deal with the day-to-day investment decisions affecting their portfolio, The Ritcey Team is proud to offer the Managed Portfolio Program . The Managed Portfolio Program presents a portfolio management solution that provides access to the knowledge and skill of a Portfolio Manager, while also offering the freedom to spend more time on family, career and other important pursuits.

The Managed Portfolio Program process begins with an Investment Policy, which ensures that all accounts hold the appropriate mix of investments in order to help our clients achieve their long term financial needs and goals.

Our team then creates a customized portfolio that relies on the principles of strategic asset allocation and key asset classes such as stocks and bonds to optimize returns and manage risk in accordance with the Investment Policy.

The Managed Portfolio Program is designed for successful individuals and families who want the highest level of sophistication in a private investment management solution. In comparison to other investment programs, the Managed Portfolio Program is unmatched in its ability to deliver the dual objectives of exceptional investment performance and convenience.