Bridget Havercroft Photography

Lifestyle Photographic Services Available:

Personal and family: Authentic, relaxed, cherished moments-in-time for you and your loved ones.

Pets: Images that capture the character and personality of your furry friend.

Graduations, Proms or Milestone Moments: capturing those "once in a lifetime" moments of achievement or a milestone in the lives of you and your family.

Photo sessions aren't always about the family - sometimes it is 'Just Because'! Just because it's a family reunion, or Just Because You're Fabulous: Fun, sexy, confidence building photo sessions that celebrate you. As one client recently said; "I remember how empowered I felt during the shoot and how relaxed and beautiful you made me feel - hopefully it will inspire someone else to do it" I am a full service photographer, which means I also offer a full range of printing services to make sure your investment is rewarded with stunning artwork to hang on your walls. This removes the inconvenience of having to find your own printing and framing service and gives you peace of mind knowing you only have to deal with me. 

Commercial Work: When I am taking pictures of your business or products, I want you to feel that I have captured the essence of your brand and what your company speaks for. I want my work to compliment the pride you feel in all that you have accomplished. Whether you are looking for website images, or whether you are looking to take promotional material to a trade show, I want you to feel that my pictures amplify the message you are sending to your customers. When it comes to Real Estate, I believe professionally rendered images truly tell the story of the home. I focus on aspects such as lighting, staging, colour representation and perspective. My images walk the viewer through the home, room by room, using beautifully rich and crisp photographs. With headshots and PR images, my aim is to capture the personality of the individual or the team to create an image that isn’t generic but more authentic. I have a keen eye and strong attention to detail so when taking photographs of products, food or wine, I make sure the images are in context and the final pictures are rendered with true colour and texture so as to enhance them for the intended viewing platform.