Brand Nova Scotia, Not Municipalities.

June 7, 2016- 5:16pm

I’m intrigued by the prospects of culinary adventures, the Good Cheer Trail as well as hiking, visiting new places and meeting new people within the province this summer.
The website is a great resource. Some of the packages are a little pricey for our family’s pocketbook and I personally don’t need to win a trip for two to Nova Scotia.

But from it I can jump to any number of things to see and do, places to eat and stay in many communities from Brier Island to the tip of the Highlands, from the South Shore to the North Shore. You can also download a copy of the Doers & Dreamers Travel Guide.
I sense from it an entire province of communities working together, not political borders with competing interests. This brings me to the topic of municipal branding exercises and genuinely wondering what they are thinking, and if there isn’t just a little too much ‘blue-skying” going on with our tax dollars.

Municipal staff and councillors take care of many of our local needs, from garbage collection and fire services to area and recreation program planning, and even economic development. They often remark that too much responsibility is being downloaded onto them by provincial and federal governments and I agree with that.
Now they appear to be wading in on tourism matters, driven to hire consultants and form committees in an effort to “brand” themselves and come up with slogans and images that say what their area is about as a way to attract tourism.