AVCC Calls for Action on Independent Study of Governance

Media Release

Annapolis Valley, N.S., May 16, 2016

The Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce has written another letter to municipal leaders across the Valley in an attempt to move them forward in seeking an independent study of governance that will encourage greater growth and opportunities.  The letter states, “Communities that plan together and develop complimentary strategies can grow together to reach a consistent vision that benefits all.”  It also recognizes all the positive aspects to living and doing business in the Valley, and says “The relatively healthy condition of the Valley is not a reason to say it is good enough.”

President of the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce, Paul DesBarres, says “Other regions of the Province have moved forward with studies to inform their planning, such as the Pictou area that has recently been in the news.  We need to make sure the Valley is in the best position to leverage and build upon what we already have.”

The Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce represents nearly 400 businesses and their employees, from Hantsport to Lawrencetown.

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