June Quarterly Report


AVCC Tourism Marketing Committee has made presentations to a number of councils to ask for support for the marketing campaign. The only confirmed response is from The Town of Annapolis Royal, however we expect to hear from more soon.  A small advertising campaign has been booked and we look forward to a great season.  All indicators show another record year for visitors. Judy and Nyla attended the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia AGM in Digby to keep up with industry news and issues.


AVCC Agriculture Committee is planning now for the 2017 Agriculture Innovation Accelerator Award. The committee has broken down to sub-committees for various tasks related to the award. This years’ award will be presented in December.

AVCC now has three years under our belt in organizing and presenting the Agriculture Innovation Accelerator Award. There have been over 30 applicants for this award and three winners that have been awarded over $100,000 in prizes. Much of this has been cash, and some in-kind services relevant to the businesses. All sponsorship dollars have been raised by the hard work of this volunteer committee.

Professional Development

We are currently finishing up our spring sessions of Workplace Education programs. We’ve held 7 sessions and will be meeting soon to plan for the fall sessions. We are also looking at hosting some workshops in the fall.


AVCC continues to listen to member input on issues important to the business community, research issues to determine implications, and develop positions to clearly communicate to decision-makers.

To be ready for growth, we need to create a political environment open to alternative energy sources, have shovel-ready industrial land to accommodate current and new businesses that want to locate here, and move forward with an independent study of governance to determine the optimal structure for consistent, coordinated, and ‘open for business’ government.  We also support the work underway to transform the Annapolis Valley into a ‘Smart’ region.

Young Business Leaders

In an effort to contribute to the retention and growth of the youth population, the AVCC has formed a new pillar of the Chamber’s activities by forming the Young Business Leaders Committee. This group is a combination of young business people, Acadia students who want to stay and call the Valley home, and established Valley business people. Stay-tuned for more on this new initiative.