Wolfville Farmers' Market Providing Greater Access to Local Products

Wolfville Farmers' Market has started a new initiative called WFM2Go to grow more local and provide you greater access.  WFM2Go is an online version of the Wolfville Farmers' Market where you can choose exactly what you want to order from over 150 products and over 15 vendors. On Wednesdays, between 4-6pm, you can pick up your weekly order as one deliciously convenient package from the Market (also in Canning and Berwick). 

Of course they would still love to see you at the Saturday Market (8:30am-1pm) with over 60 vendors, but they recognize that not everyone can make it and we wanted to be more available as we work to grow more local. When you collect your WFM2Go order on Wednesday, you can also join them for live music, their community vibe and a Market Supper (4-7pm).