Call to Action: Extend the Deadline Beyond October 2, 2017

Call to Action - Private Corporation Tax Reform

Please read and act on this information, re-proposed tax changes. Stay tuned for further response from AVCC


Dear Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Members:
The federal government has implemented a 75-day consultation period on tax reforms that they say will close loopholes, but in practice will negatively impact every small incorporated business or professional in the country.
It is important the federal government appreciate the impact these legislative changes will have and that they are the most radical in more than 50 years. More time is needed for government and taxpayers to agree on measures that will not penalize honest entrepreneurs who provide up to 90% of the jobs in Canada. Tell your MP that business needs more time to review the tax changes and to extend the consultation deadline beyond October 2, 2017. 
The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce has created a webpage that will help everyone better understand the very negative effects the proposed reform will have on individuals and the economy and allow users to quickly email a message to their member of parliament requesting an extension of the consultation deadline until a more appropriate solution can be developed.
There is also a section for small business owners to share their story about how these changes will impact their business operations or future business.
Spread the word. Please encourage members to voice their support. Visit the websites below to send a letter to an Atlantic Canadian MP or to share their impact story with us, so that we may share with the Federal Government.
#ExtendtheTaxDeadline #AtlanticChamber #TaxFairnessInAtlanticCanada

Glenn Davis
Vice President Policy/vice president politique
Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Inc.
T:(902) 292-0121