AVCC Hosts Municipal Modernization Panel Among Valley Mayors

Press Release

On the heels of hosting a successful event relating to municipal modernization within Kings County, the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce is pleased to congratulate the councils of our Annapolis Valley neighbours, the Town of Windsor and the Municipality of West Hants, on their recent decision to amalgamate.

Windsor Mayor Anna Allen’s and West Hants Warden Abraham Zebian’s reported objectives of having a coordinated vision for the region and eliminating political barriers to economic development are consistent with the AVCC’s long-held belief that “Communities that plan together and develop complementary strategies can grow together to reach a consistent vision that benefits all”.

On June 21, the AVCC welcomed the mayors of Berwick, Kentville, Wolfville and the Municipality of the County of Kings to the forum to discuss their views on “Municipal Modernization”.  The mayors outlined their visions for their respective communities and acknowledged the value in greater cooperation and strategic consistency.  However, the disparate views on how that is best achieved in Kings County highlighted the need to determine the best way forward through a coordinated, careful and considered examination to leverage current conditions and anticipate future market needs.

AVCC’s President, Colby Clarke, says “There are many possible ways forward, but we need to know what will work best for all of Kings County.”

One attendee reminded event-goers of the demise of Blockbuster Video’s tried-and-true business model.  The once dominate Blockbuster has been relegated to a cautionary tale warning against the dangers of exhibiting hubris in achievement.  Accordingly, the Annapolis Valley should not be complacent with its relative success.  Colby Clarke concurs, saying “AVCC believes we can never be satisfied with ‘good enough’, but always strive to make conditions even better for our business community.”

The Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce is a pioneer in improving the business environment in our region and represents nearly 400 businesses and their employees, from Hantsport to Lawrencetown.

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